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Hello, Book...

Worms? Cats? Is there something other than bookworm? :P

The library here is doing a Winter Reading Bingo. ( I don’t know how to add pictures or I’d post my card) Basically like regular Bingo except you read a book for each square. Things like Fantasy, A Childhood Favorite ( which I’m reading now ),Book with a Green/ Red/ Blue Cover, Graphic novel, By a Local Author, etc.

Only problem is, I may need help or recommendations for a few things.

A Quirky Family
Book “ Everyone “ Has Read
A Strong Female Character
Retelling a classic
Cozy mystery

char: nyssa, mawdryn undead, best jacket

Reading, Listening, and Etc.

So how was your Christmas? Mine was great! Spent it in Virginia with family. I thought I’d try doing one of these things.

READING-  13 Doctors 13 Stories. A collection of short stories originally released by Puffin in 2013 for the 50th, this version adds two more stories. Each story is by a different author, and the ones I’ve read seem to range from “ this was really cool!” to “ this was... just okay.”  Also I got a copy of The Doctor Who Dangerous Book of Monsters for Christmas:)

LISTENING:   Doctor Who: Free Speech & The Grey Man of the Mountains, both from Big Finish. The latter is the first monthly range release I’ve bought in a while and it’s excellent so far. Seven, Ace, The Brigadier., a yeti... what more could you want? The former may require a second listen since I’m having a hard time getting into it. 

WATCHING- Doctor Who s4 & SJA. I forgot how much I loved 10 & Donna. And while I haven’t seen all of SJA, I’m definitely enjoying it. 

Into the Labyrinth. This is a series I only recently learned about ( though apparently it aired over here in the 80s?) I’m not super far in but it’s fascinating enough to keep me interested. If you can deal with 70s / 80s Who you would probably enjoy it  Here’s a summary

( WRITING- .... uhhhhh...) 

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‘Tis the season

A friend sent me this a couple days ago.   And I was equal parts amused & excited. Sooo... wonder if ( or how many) I can get these done.

(  Will probably not go in order- and if I may do what [personal profile] thisbluespirit did back in October, suggestions for certain ones are welcome)



char: nyssa, mawdryn undead, best jacket


 Let’s do this!
  1. Give me a list of two or more characters (same fandom, multiple fandoms, whatever, it's up to you, doesn't have to be a shared fandom, just whoever you want to write).
  2. I'll use them to generate you 3 prompts from the Genremixer!
  3. Go write tropey flashfic from any or all of them & link back here.
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char: nyssa, mawdryn undead, best jacket

Little black dress

 So Little Black Dress is finally revealed!! 😀 

My fic- Coffee Mate ( 8th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Donna Noble, Lucie Miller) 

Read it


My Gift- Just a Bit of Wriggle Room ( echo Clara Oswald, Romana, 4th Doctor).

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Catch up time

So recently I realized there's a handful of episodes of new Who I somehow initially missed. In order-
New Earth
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
Runaway Bride
most of Waters of Mars
End of Time
The Flesh two parter
Closing Time
Doctor Widow Wardrobe
s7 up to The Snowman
Doctor Falls/Twice upon a Time

Well to fix this I currently have a free 7 day trial of HBO Max (it has all of new Who and a lot of other cool stuff). Today I watched the Doomsday two parter. And all i can say i can't imagine what it was like when this first aired. But my reaction to that ending was just eeek :(

Feel like I need something comforting, Fic recs pls?